Our Story

We started "Designs By Harubin" as two college students in Nick's parents basement.

To start from the beginning, our story actually began in 2014, when Nick and I started to date in Highschool. After High School, we both went to Cleveland State University. Nick was pursuing  Accounting and I was pursuing Nursing. We both ended up changing to peruse Business Majors. 

In 2017, we borrowed a white folding table from Nick's parents, a cutting mat from Nick's grandma, bought some leather tools, and started to design and research our ideas.

Our First Setup

Our first product was our leather Apple Watch bands. Nick had been searching for his own and couldn't find one he loved for the right price, so he decided to make his own. We have made changes over time and added regular watch bands, but our Apple Watch Bands are still one of our best selling products.
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From there, everyday we spent hours and hours in the basement trying to learn and develop our products and company. From establishing our company as an LLC to creating social media pages; we did it all together. Overtime, we got better at our craft, added new products, and expanded our workplace.

Our New Beginning

In 2021, after being together for 7 years - we got engaged! In the same year, we moved into our own house, where we currently run our shop. We currently sell on Etsy, Amazon & our website.


We got married in October of 2022! We are still operating our shop out of our house. With over 25,000 sales on Etsy, we are determined to continue our growth. Our Amazon shop has been starting to expand as well!

We are so grateful for all our customers and cannot wait to grow our business and make the best products we can for all our customers.

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