Our Leather Process

We design, create and ship all of our products from our shop in Ohio

When we first opened our shop in 2017, our first product was a Brown Leather Apple Watch Band. We were just learning how to design products, create the actual product, take product photos and manage our Etsy website.

Our First Product

Leather Apple Watch Bands

Each of our English Tan, Brown, and Black watch bands are made... 

Transforming the Leather

Once we cut the leather to the correct size we need, we begin to create our product. This is a different process for every product we have. Some products need to be transformed more than others. Our most time consuming product is our Leather Dopp kit. We are hoping to add different style bags in the future!

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A variety of our products need to be stitched. We have 2 different sewing methods: Hand Sewing and Machine Sewing.

Before 2021, all of our products were hand sewed. Then in 2021, we decided to invest in a sewing machine to save ourselves time and create a different look for our products.

Today, our Keychains and Watch Bands are still hand sewed. We sew our coasters, bookmarks, phone cases, and wallets on our sewing machine.

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The last major step in creating our products is the personalization. We offer free personalization on almost all of our products.

We think the personalization of the product really makes it custom for our customers. Whether they are purchasing for themselves or for a gift, this is the perfect way to create a one-of-a-kind product.

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Who Will Be Creating My Order?

Watch Bands, Wallets, Glasses Cases, Coasters, Dopp kits & Phone Cases

All of these products are handmade by Nick! Aside from making these products, Nick also manages our sales, customer service, ordering our supplies and so much more.

All Keychains, Bookmarks, Candles & Wax Melts

All of these products are handmade by Danielle! This includes all of our keychains (wristlets, lanyards, etc.) and all of our bookmark styles. Aside from making these products, Danielle also manages our website, social media, emails and customer service.


We share the sewing responsibilities. Nick handles the machine sewing products and Danielle handles the hand sewing products.


Danielle handles personalization on all of the products.


If you have any questions about how we create our products, ordering a custom product or just a general inquiry - feel free to send us a message!