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Designs By Harubin

Buck Brown Leather Keychain

Buck Brown Leather Keychain

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  • 100% Real Leather
  • Handmade in Ohio

Our Brown and Black keychains are made from the very high quality full grain Horween Leather. Horween Leather Company has been based out of Chicago, Illinois since 1905, making it one of the oldest leather tanneries in the US. Our Buck Brown, Burgundy, and Navy Blue keychains are made from the very high quality full grain Wickett & Craig Leather. Wickett & Craig is another world premiere tannery that has been around since 1867, operating out of Pennsylvania. Each keychain is hand stitched with waxed polyester thread with the color of your choice. Our keychains are also finished by burnishing the edges to create a smooth seamless edge.

-We are able to stamp your keychain with up to 8 characters on 1 line in the middle of the keychain OR 2 lines on the keychain with 8 characters on each line.
-Characters include capital or lower case letters, numbers, and available symbols seen below. Please type your personalization exactly how you want it - case specific.
-We can ONLY stamp on the front of the keychain.
**(Please message us if you have any questions about requirements, we may be able to adjust based on what you would like, we typically respond immediately.)**
- Symbols available to stamp: Capital Letters only, Numbers, (And) &, (Plus) +, (Dash) –, (Slash) /, (Colon) :, (Period) ., (Comma) ,, (Apostrophe) ‘, (Hashtag) #, (Explanation Point) !
- For the 3 different heart options: If you are adding a heart to your text request, then in the personalization box, please leave where you would like your heart placed and the number heart. For example: "DMK (heart 1)" OR "NH (heart 2) DK"


-Key Chain Total Length: 3 inches
-Key Ring: 1 inch diameter
-Length of Leather: 2.25 inches

-Width of Key Chain: 1 inch

-Thickness of Key Chain: 4mm

-Each character is ¼ inch in height and width.


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