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Designs By Harubin

Burgundy Leather Standard Watch Band

Burgundy Leather Standard Watch Band

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  • 100% Real Leather
  • Handmade in Ohio
Each of our English Tan, Brown, and Black watch bands are made from the very high quality full grain Horween Leather. Horween Leather Company has been based out of Chicago, Illinois since 1905, making it one of the oldest leather tanneries in the US. Our burgundy leather watch band is made from the very high quality full grain Wickett & Craig Traditional Harness Leather. Wickett & Craig is another world premiere tannery that has been around since 1867, operating out of Pennsylvania. Each watch band is hand stitched with waxed polyester thread with the color of your choice.

-Each watch band comes in a standard size that can be seen below in the description for exact measurements. We also offer custom sizing to fit your exact wrist size if your wrist will not fit our standard band size. 
-Our standard leather watch bands will fit wrist sizes from 6¾ inches to 8 inches.
-If you are ordering a custom size, please leave your wrist size in the "Personalization" box on the product page before you add the item to cart. You can measure your wrist with a flexible tape-measure keeping in mind how tight or loose you would like to wear your watch band.

Our leather watch bands are compatible with any standard watch that uses a spring bar to connect the band to your watch (also compatible with select Samsung watches). We offer 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, and 24mm spring bar sizes. Each band comes with silver quick release spring bars and a silver stainless steel buckle. If you are unsure how wide of a band you need, please measure the width between the posts (or gap) where the band connects to your watch. Watch shown in pictures is not included.

-Each band width corresponds with the spring bar size that you select.
-The longer strap of the band (with holes) is 5 inches in length.
-The shorter strap of the band (with buckle) is 3½ inches in length.
-The leather we use is 2-3mm thick for all 18mm, 20mm , 22mm and 24mm bands.

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