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Designs By Harubin

Black Leather Bifold Wallet

Black Leather Bifold Wallet

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  • 100% Real Leather
  • Handmade in Ohio

This bi-fold wallet has a total of 8 card pockets and 1 large pocket for cash. Each card slot is paired with small circle punch holes at each end to ensure the card slots are very durable and will not tear when adding multiple cards per slot.
The 6 front card slots are lined with a thin and extremely durable lining made from flashspun high-density polyethylene fibers (that is water resistant and tear resistant) to allow the cards to stop at the correct depth. 

-We are able to stamp your wallet with up to 9 characters including capital letters only, numbers, and available symbols below.
-Personalization is done on the front of the wallet in the bottom right corner.
-If you would like your personalization in a different location please state the location along with the personalization in the personalization box.
- Symbols available to stamp: Capital Letters only, Numbers, (And) &, (Plus) +, (Dash) –, (Slash) /, (Colon) :, (Period) ., (Comma) ,, (Apostrophe) ‘, (Hashtag) #, (Explanation Point) !
- For the 3 different heart options: If you are adding a heart to your text request, then in the personalization box, please leave where you would like your heart placed and the number heart. For example: "DMK (heart 1)" OR "NH (heart 1) DK"

-Closed/folded: 4½ inches long x 3½ inches tall
-Opened: 9 inches long x 3½ inches tall


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